What happens to the trash in the pit?

Consolidated trash can be removed from the pit after sludge removal. Service providers can charge fees for this work, creating new revenue streams.

How fast does the Excluder pump sludge?

Rates vary depending on vacuum or pump strength used and sludge thickness. Very thick sludge in the range of 9-11% solids can be pumped at approximately 1.5 L/s. Vacuum trucks emptying very wet pits (less than 1% solids) with lots of trash can empty sludge at a rate of 5.6 L/s

How does it handle thick sludge?

The patented internal auger system moves thick sludge up the Excluder. If sludge is too thick to pump, a limited amount of water added can assist with emptying.

Where is the Excluder made?

The Excluder is made with our partners in Pune, India. Parts are easily sourced or manufactured parts in other locations. Interested in manufacturing the Excluder for your market? Contact us to find out what resources we can provide you.

What were previous versions of the Excluder called?
  • Excrevator

  • Flexcrevator

  • Flex-X

What accessories are required to operate the Excluder?
  • Pump (either exhauster truck or off-the-shelf pumps)

  • Power supply (220V and 2000 watt source)

  • Water for cleaning the equipment and if fluidization is required (for sludges higher than 11% Total Solids).

How do I purchase an Excluder?

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Where has the Excluder been used?

Ghana, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia

What kind of trucks can the Excluder be used with?

Any septic truck (new or used) can benefit from an Excluder. The Excluder connects to hoses using standard 3-inch CAM fittings.

What kind of pumps can the Excluder be used with?

The Excluder uses standard fittings and can connect with any pump capable of removing sludge from the pits being serviced. The pump will require an external power source for standard operation.

How do I become a distributor?

Contact us for more details.

Learn more about the Excluder and see how you can improve pit latrine emptying.

Learn more about the Excluder and see how you can improve pit latrine emptying.